Ink Sketches

Traditionally, I have always started my design process with sketches on paper in ink. I was working on developing a process for converting the ink sketches into 3D without simply sawing them out of a sheet of silver, such that they would have somewhat more variation in dimensions; a subtle but marked difference between front and back. I often don’t have a clear idea in mind of what it is I’m trying to design at the outset. At times I may even get an idea for what I want to create from a sketch I made haphazardly in the margin of a notebook.

The magic for me of approaching design in this way is that, without knowing what it is exactly that I’m trying to draw or make, by making aesthetic decisions about for instance, the quality of line, the shape, the dimension etc., interesting patterns begin to emerge. Then, by selecting segments among these patterns and further playing with them, numerous possible designs arise. Most of the sketches lent themselves well to two fold or four fold symmetry. In other words, I would select a section of the sketch to represent half or a quarter of the design and then use mirror images of the sketch to create the other half or three quarters.