me3Stephen MacDowell was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art Design in 2005 with a bachelor of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Stephen spends his time between Taiwan, where he teaches English as a second language, and Canada where he designs and creates original sterling silver jewellery.

Stephen’s recent inspiration comes from applying a technique used for casting larger sculptural works, to translate his drawings into small scale silver forms. As this technique is well-­suited to intricate line drawings, he has drawn inspiration from forms such as filigree and lace patterns, as well as architectural motifs such as windows, screens and even sewer grates. His time in Taiwan has also influenced his designs as can be seen in his series of pendants adapted from traditional Chinese paper cutouts. He also explored other line patterns inspired from antique Chinese windows, and patterns associated with cracked glass, clouds and other natural forms.

The resulting series evokes naturally occurring patterns like bubbles, parched earth, and shattered glass. Stephen’s ring designs are original, bold and often hollow so that they are not heavy. They are a stark contrast to recent trends towards dainty, conservative band rings. Stephen welcomes private commissions. As a skilled wax carver, he can produce popular scale forms of lions, dragons, skulls etc.